NEW PRODUCT – Atlas Concorde Endless

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31/05/2020 ISSUE

Marvel Calacatta Extra – Endless creates the ability to have a continuous vein without any limitations.
The pieces are available in 1200x2400mm and come in four different faces. They can be laid in order and then repeated to get a continuous vein from beginning to end.

Calacatta Endless

They can also be stacked as the vertical vein is matched to create a seamless pattern from top to bottom. The image below displays the four faces, with the vein running left to right;

Calacatta Endless Faces 1, 2, 3 & 4

Also available at Uptiles is the Calacatta Gold, Panda White and Statuario Lux, part of the Lux and Marble Experience by Italgraniti.
Available in a variety of sizes, up to 1600×3200 with continuous veining in up to six slabs, and also book matching.

Panda White, Continuous Veining & Book Match
Calacatta Gold Continuous Vein
Statuario Lux Continuous Vein

Available to view at Uptiles Brisbane Tile Showroom now!