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Floor, Outdoor Floor

Square by Italgraniti – A decidedly modern interpretation of the warm surfaces created by the skilled hands of expert craftsmen, enhanced by the large size and a carefully chosen colour assortment.The most exquisite craftsmanship tradition updated by ground-breaking technology.

A sophisticated range of colours combined with a rich assortment of sizes. The result is Square, the collection that can inspire a wide variety of home design ideas and provide unique, welcoming visual impact. Antique and modern, natural and honed. The tactile surface, with its many subtle variations, offers the pleasure of choosing from two expressions. One natural as if freshly carved, the other with a magnificent time-worn effect. The wide assortment of surfaces, mosaics, modules and sizes guarantees just the right solution with high technical and stylistic values for public locations with a strong personality.

Available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and finishes, the Square range can be used on floors and walls in residential and commercial settings.