Marvel Grey Stone Polished


Floor, Porcelain Slab Tiles

Marvel Grey Stone polished slabs  are available at Uptiles.

Marvel Grey Stone is also available in 3200xx1600, 2780×1200, 2400×1200 600X600, 750X750,300X600 and 450X900 sizes. And Also in matte finish.

Uptiles is Brisbane leading tile importer of top quality large format porcelain slabs. Uptiles porcelain slabs are manufactured in Italy by Atlas Concorde and Italgraniti and in Spain by Tau Ceramica.

Whether you are after a polished, semi polished, matte or glazed look, large format tiles offer endless design opportunities. This versatile product adds a stylish touch to every room in your home.

Large Format Tiles will add a seamless look to your:

  • Kitchen Splash-Back

Large format tile slabs create a High end look as a kitchen splash-back emulating a solid piece of natural stone. With the large range of sizes available its easy to create a breathtaking splash-back to finish off any size kitchen.

  • Kitchen Bench

Large format porcelain slabs offer impressive durability as a kitchen counter top. They do not contain or emit any toxic chemicals. During production porcelain slabs endure extremely high temperatures therefore any hot pots and pans you might have in your kitchen are no match for this durable product.   Porcelain slabs will also offer you the best scratch resistance you will find on the market being stronger than even the strongest of granite. With virtually no porosity there is no reason to worry about that red wine or turmeric staining your stunning bench.

  • Bathroom

Lets face it nobody likes cleaning grout therefore large format porcelain slabs are the perfect cladding for not only your shower walls but the whole bathroom therefore creating a seamless look giving the smallest room in the house a grand feeling.

  • Outdoor Areas

With the wide range of colors and textures we have access to, there will be a large tile to help you create the look you want in your outdoor space therefore this you can go from the door all the way to the water edge of the pool with R9 R10 and R11 slipratings.

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