COMPAKT 46 from 600 to 800 mm for 1 wash bowl ARTIC OAK


Product description

The Compakt series is notable for being 100% customised, allowing elegant and simple compositions of 600 to 2500 mm. This countertop will give a personal touch and a point of distinction for your bathroom.

It is manufactured with HPL high quality board, which is able to withstand the most demanding use without losing the aesthetics and functionality that a customised product gives you.

The most outstanding properties of this series are it being: hydrophobic and fire retardant, antibacterial, resistant to wear and resistant to cleaning products.

The 460 mm depth Compakt Countertop with washbasin can be chosen with 1 or 2 wash basins exactly where you want them; as they are customised, the options are endless. You can also choose where to put the tap or not to make a hole if you have a tap integrated into the wall.

These countertops are available in 5 exclusive finishes: African Oak, Arctic Oak, White Marble, Grey Stone and Cement.

Discover all the luxury that there is behind the combinations of the COMPAKT finishes with the SALGAR furniture series.

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