Scrapwood Coke


Bathware, Floor, Floor External,



Two sizes and six colours: each with its own combination of shades, beautiful touches and marks left by time. Scrapwood is a porcelain stoneware interpretation of the genuine feel of reused wood, currently very much in fashion because it evokes a past lived to the full, rich in emotional content.

Six different surface structures that combine attractively: planed, aged, rough-sawn, brushed, ribbed and natural. The result is an amazing emotional charge. The Fire dot tile, available in several sizes, is the basis for original, sophisticated laying patterns.


All the colours can be mixed and matched in complete freedom.
Scrapwood boards are a practical way of covering tables, worktops, decorative panels and other interior design features, with amazing results. Scrapwood, in the large 20×120 size, brings the thrill of reused wood to any home: the unmistakable feel of time-worn materials becomes an affordable dream.


Air, Wind, Light, Sun, Fire, Coke




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