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Porcelain Slab Tiles,

Marmi di Impronta is the ceramic project that reflects the wonders of Nature. Five stones in porcelain stoneware that represent our vision of aesthetic and natural perfection.

The monumental surfaces reflect polychromatic complexity, visual continuity between slabs and the overall sense of balance. Large slabs best convey the supreme attention to detail and incredible realism.  Marmi di Impronta products clad interior architectural surfaces, creating a meticulously seamless aesthetic. For this reason our surfaces lend themselves to tailor-made projects, because a coordinated space is of crucial value.  The careful selection of original raw materials and highly advanced technology enhance opulent decorative elements. Marmi di Impronta slabs show a close interaction with the space because the surfaces project is developed from solid, consistent foundations.

Available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and finishes.