The new expressive potential of the concrete look

The collection evokes the warmth of lived -n environment, the authenticity of places reborn and the simple elegance of industrial style, to offer unprecedented inspiration to interior and exterior design. Made of white body porcelain wall tiles, Boost Pro offers the concrete look from the previous Boost collection in the new warm shades, thus livening up a colour palette that is already unique in terms of breadth and variety. The slight troweled effect evokes the beautiful authenticity of a handmade floor, an expression of value and attention to detail. On walls, the dusty accents of the Mustard and Powder Blue colours make it possible to design creative combinations, accentuated by the availability of striking material and graphic decorations. The collection is enriched by a wide decorative range that can be used in the most diverse contexts of contemporary living, from the most elegant to those characterised by a spirit of research and innovation. With its wide choice of sizes, thicknesses and finishes, Boost Pro allows you to interpret every environment with personality and to design refined indoor-outdoor projects with a consistent look.


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