Global GreenTag CertTM

Uptiles Strathpine / ACM Wholesale division are commited to importing and supplying products that meet international practice in sustainability manufacturing.

Uptiles Strathpine / ACM Wholesale division are currently undergoing certification to be Global GreenTag Certified.

Product Stewardship Programme 

Uptiles Strathpine / ACM Wholesale division Product Stewardship initiative is publicly available online with full disclosure of the LCA principles used.

Uptiles / ACM can facilitate and encourages our clients to use a 3rd party contractor that will recycle old tiles at a similar rate to regular disposal.

Uptiles / ACM has a process in place with Sita, the recycling contractor to meet the requirements of the end of the life programme.  The contractor Sita will crush the tiles and re-use the material in various construction applications, depending on the quality of the raw material.

Attached are letters provided on the evidence of the arrangements and relationship to carry out the obligations of its Product Stewardship Programme.